Professional Dancer and TV Personality

Ian is probably best known for his role as one of the original professional dancers on The BBC’s primetime hit show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. Having appeared in eight series, he has built up a following of dedicated fans and has become a highly respected and recognisable figure and personality in the world of dance and television.


After leaving Strictly in 2011 Ian embarked on a new career as a TV presenter and was offered his own segment on Strictly sister show ‘It Takes Two’ called ‘Waite’s Warm Up’. After 10 years with his witty repertoire and on screen chemistry with co host Zoe Ball it became cult viewing and a favourite for every Strictly fan, young and old.


Ian’s talents don’t stop there. He is the co creator and owner of the dance fitness program ‘Fitsteps’ with Natalie Lowe and Mark Foster. ‘Fitsteps’ now has over 1000 instructors across the world, and is completely available online.


Some of the year you can see him singing and dancing around the country with his comedy partner, Tango legend Vincent Simone in their UK tour ‘The Ballroom Boys ACT2’. This is scheduled to continue running in April 2022.