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Charlie Mullins OBE, is the very successful businessman & flamboyant founder of Pimlico Plumbers, London's largest independent plumbing company.


He started his career after he did his apprenticeship, working from home with a second-hand van & a bag of tools but solely in the Pimlico area. An increasing amount of work came from the recommendations of Pimlico Properties, a local estate agent. This led to Charlie, (aka the Pimlico plumber) being offered a small dimly lit room in their basement, with Charlie mixing plumbing and office work. His ambition was to change the public perception of plumbing and build a reputation.


He definitely succeeded! He recently sold 90% of the business for £145 million. From his luxury 3,500sqft sub-penthouse overlooking the Thames you can see the MI6 headquarters, Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and Westminster Cathedral.

Charlie was recently on Unbreakable, BBC1 (6 episodes, from 6th Oct to 10th Nov 2022).

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