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Athlete & spoken word poet

Asma Elbadawi is a British Sudanese athlete and spoken word poet , born in Sudan and raised in England. She is best known for successfully campaigning the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) to allow Muslim women to wear the Hijab globally in Professional Basketball and as the 2015 Words First Leeds winner a national poetry competition partnered by BBC Radio 1Xtra and the Roundhouse. 


Her voice as an athlete and her abilities to write about different topics have allowed her to capture the attention of a global audience. As well as be the face of many brand campaigns and perform at many prestigious events around the world.  


She has performed and spoken at events such as TEDx Bradford, The British Museum, The Bradford Literature Festival, Liverpool Acoustic Festival, Women Of the World (WOW) Festival (London), Word of Mouth Festival and many more. Additionally, she has performed internationally at literature festivals and events, such as TEDx Wad Madani (Sudan), Iskarnival (Malaysia) Festival, European arts Forum Brussels (Belgium), African Women in Sports conference ( Botswana), Bottega Venetta Ramadan majlis and Sole Dxb (Dubai) and Muslim Women's council (New Zealand).


Her contribution to  Sports, Culture and Arts has impacted many women around the world and has been celebrated by media outlets such as Vouge Arabia, Harper Bazar, CNN sport and many more. And she has been recognised by global sports brand adidas as a key figure in sports and ambassador to their brand. 

See below for a couple of videos from Asma’s adidas “I’m Possible“ Campaigns.

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