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Actor, author & reality TV star.

Suzan Mutesi is a powerhouse of talent, hailing from Uganda and leaving an everlasting impact as a fashion designer, author, actress, and creative genius. With a massive online following of over 1.2 million on Instagram and 22k on TikTok, she has become an influential figure in the industry.


Her star power soared when she appeared on the international screens in the thrilling reality TV series "The Challenge." She also made captivating cameo appearances in the blockbuster film "Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings." Her supporting role in the critically acclaimed film "Moon Rock for Monday" mesmerized audiences. Collaborating with the legendary Jane Seymour in another supporting role in the feature film "RUBY's Choices" was a privilege for Suzan. And now, she has landed the lead role in her latest project, "Lady Ifrita," where she portrays the character Alya. The anticipation for the film's release in 2022 is soaring. Additionally, she has been cast in a supporting role for the highly anticipated feature romantic comedy "Carmen and Bolude." Suzan's talent has also led her to work on the film "Sanctuary Pariahs" under the direction and production of Australian filmmaker Daniel Okoduwa.


Apart from her remarkable achievements in the entertainment industry, Suzan has made a profound impact as an author. Her first book, "Unapologetically Black," took the literary world by storm in 2020. Now, she released  a biography that delves into her personal journey of self-discovery, addressing themes of racism, friendships, trauma, relationships, and church culture. Through her experiences, she offers advice and solace to people of color who can deeply relate to her story. In her second book, Suzan reveals her true self, providing readers with an intimate and authentic glimpse into her life.


Suzan's unapologetic voice, magnetic personality, unwavering kindness, and honest perspectives on life and love have endeared her to countless individuals. She has launched a captivating podcast titled "Unapologetically You," where she engages in inspiring conversations with individuals who are making a difference in their communities. To stay connected with her remarkable work, follow Suzan's journey on Instagram @suzan_mutesi and subscribe to her podcast "Unapologetically You" on all platforms.

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Suzan appeared in the thrilling reality TV series "The Challenge: Australia” in 2022.

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