Linda Lambert is a television celebrity best known as one of the cast member of the series Storage Hunters UK.

Linda is originally from Essex, England. She was born in Walthamstow, but moved to Waltham Abbey at 9 months old. For her education, she attended the Yardley Lane Primary School, and graduated from the King Harold Business & Enterprise Academy.


Linda took interest in scavenging for abandoned goods from her grandfather. He brought her to her first auction when she was around 5 to 6 years old. She calls him “the hoarder of hoarders”. He had a garden shed so packed with his pickings that nobody could walk in. Growing up Linda followed her grandfather to many auctions and cultivated an interest in it.


Sean from Storage Hunters UK recruited Linda at Leytonstone auctions with Frank G. Bowen Ltd.


She is known for playing dumb in the show & often takes advantage when the opponent’s guard is down.


In season 4 of the series, Linda won a DeLorean, made famous from the Back to the Future trilogy. Nevertheless, her largest profit all season was a helicopter simulator, which she sold for a whooping 30 thousand pounds! Her biggest lost in the show was trying to outbid fellow cast member Ione Brown, costing her £4,500!


The most enjoyable part of the show for her is meeting new people, which is also one of her biggest challenges as some of them show too much of their ugly side during bidding.


Another difficulty Lambert faces on the show is having no idea what is inside the storage container. Linda explains that she often buys things that she can see and like on auctions.


Her favourite episode was the very first episode of the first season, where she won an auction for an ice-cream truck.


Interesting Facts, Height & Trivia:


Linda does not like closed doors as she finds them a little claustrophobic. She reveals that she never closes her bedroom door.


Linda dislikes boiled eggs and pork.


Despite her interest in storage hunting and auctions, she does not like antiques.


She helped raise £50,000 for the Collier Row children’s charity in April 2017.