One might put Limahl in the same bracket as Boy George, Phil Oakey or

Margaret Thatcher as having one of the defining bouffants of the era! But, the

original duo tone spiky mullet man was oh, so much more than his legendary

hair and of the band he fronted…. so much more than their crazy name and angular



From the smugness of hindsight it is all too easy to write off bands like

Kajagoogoo, Visage and A Flock Of Seagulls as fashion victims.


However, music mattered and for a while Limahl was a real contender. Five

chart hits over two years and here’s the roll-call :- ‘Too Shy’ (no’1) – ‘Ooh To

Be Ahh’ (no’7) – ‘Hang On Now’ (no’13) – ‘Only For Love’ (no’16) – ‘The

Neverending Story’ (no’4).


Big chart hits too possums, look, all top 20!! A five-hit wonder, but no flash in

the pan. For a small time, a big star!! Instantly recognisable and obviously

talented as co-writer of all the music & lyrics.


Kajagoogoo’s million selling début album ‘White Feathers’ spawned the

deliciously catchy single ‘Too Shy’ which stormed to the top of the charts all

over the world including top 5 in America.


The band’s eye-catching image struck a chord with a whole generation

inspiring Kaja–Mania and a new wave of sometimes dodgy imitation haircuts!


Mainstream popularity brought platinum sales awards and the accolade of

performing at prestigious industry and public events alike. One such early

career highlight was an invitation to perform at the 1983 Children’s Royal

Variety Show at Her Majesty’s Theatre, London in the presence of HRH

Princess Margaret. The momentum of that breakthrough year culminated in

Kajagoogoo winning the ASCAP Award (American Society for Composers,

Authors and Publishers) for having written one of the most played songs of

the year on American radio.


Far from being the one-hit wonder predicted by the more vociferous critics,

their two follow-up singles ‘Ooh To Be Ah’ and ‘Hang On Now’ charted

respectfully, proving that the band were no manufactured overnight

sensation. Not only could these guys play their instruments, for an all too brief

moment in pop history, they shared an intense and professional musicality; songwriting skills that burnt with a commercial brightness that in the pop culture climate of the time seemed set to assure a measure of longevity.


Alas, this was not to be. Sometimes the fickle finger of fate makes fall guys of

the famous as fans flood away when fashions change. Sadly for Kajagoogoo it

was at the height of their popularity when the band seemed to self destruct.

The public face of Kajagoogoo and arguably, one of the faces of the 80’s was

fired, but not forgotten!!


Although the premature dissolution of Kajagoogoo Mk.1 has left us with one

of the most delicious “what if” questions in the history of modern pop, what

better incentive did Limahl need to embark on a solo career than a task to which

he addressed himself with his customary gusto?


The self-penned ‘Only For Love’ gave him his first solo chart hit. Significantly,

it was while performing this song at the Tokyo Music Festival that Limahl met

legendary songwriter/producer and three-time Academy Award winner

Giorgio Moroder who was working on a new film soundtrack and invited him

to perform a then unknown song, ‘The Neverending Story’.


After reaching no’1 in over seventeen countries, Limahl’s “velvet tones” and

“quietly flamboyant” image were now indelibly printed in the memories of

millions of music lovers.


Between 1998 – 2008, Limahl was still in demand as a solo performer and

then the unthinkable happened; Kajagoogoo reformed in its original line-up

embarking on a series of highly successful festival gigs (including Scotland’s

‘Retrofest’) that culminated in a tour of Germany in 2009 and the band’s first

UK tour in 25 years. Both were high profile and resoundingly successful

leading to the band performing at several big music festivals in 2010: Back To

The 80’s (Tamworth Castle – July) and the Rewind Festival (Henley On Thames

– Aug).


On the back of all this activity, their original record company EMI Records

released a Kajagoogoo/Limahl compilation which included two newly

composed songs ‘Dreaming’ & ‘Space Cadet’ – the latter of which was made

into a pop video and included in the package.


But, for Limahl, ever eager to expand his horizons, this was not enough. A

couple of years ago he experimented with a new style of show using classic

80’s tracks as the basis for what was to become ‘Limahl and his 80’s Swing

Show’. The premise was stunningly simple; deliver a sophisticated, classy

evening of the best music from the 80s but with a twist.


2011 proved as intense as ever with numerous live gigs throughout the UK,

Denmark and Poland. Limahl came to national attention in the UK with his

contribution to the BBC’s ratings-busting ‘Let’s Dance For Comic Relief’ in

February as part of an 80’s Supergroup with Toyah, Clare Grogan of Altered

Images and Chesney Hawkes.


Just a few months later and mainstream national TV exposure beckoned

again, this time twice in Germany! On their biggest, retro-music show called

‘The Ultimate Chart Show’, Limahl performed his 80’s evergreens ‘Too Shy’ and

‘The Neverending Story’ live with his customary gusto and attracted a whole

new audience of fans, many of whom bought the hit spin-off CD of the TV

show’s featured tracks!


But, Limahl is far from being a mere retro act and uses the persona of the past

to ignite the creative fires of the future. A new co-written single called ‘1983’

puts that past into glorious perspective and is released on the 12th of January

2012 – 29 years to the day after the release of ‘Too Shy’.


And, that is not all!! Keep watching the website for

news of the fruition of his new jazz show where he tackles songbook

standards with an uplifting pop / soul twist. His voice has never sounded

stronger or as adept in wringing out the nuances of every dramatic phrase in

those timeless tunes – an evolution in his theatrical abilities that will also be

brought to bear on the comedy musical set in the early 1980’s, that is also in


Limahl was on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! (2012)


For Limahl, the best is yet to come…….