Kevin Simm was born in Chorley , Lancashire on the 5th September 1980 .(Currently 36)


Kevin started singing at the age off 15 when his uncle inspired him to audition for his school Christmas concert . After performing at the concert he was hooked and knew that performing was what he wanted to do as a career so when he finished school he enrolled at college to study performing arts.

At college he joined an indie band and enjoyed gigging  but unfortunately the course was not what had been promised and Kevin decided to leave before the course was over and throw himself into the world of pub and club singing to gain experience and start earning as a singer.

Shortly after leaving college he auditioned for the T.V show ‘Stars in their eyes’ presented by Matthew Kelly. Kevin was successful in his audition and performed on  the show as the ‘Ocean colour scene’ frontman Simon Fowler.


In late 1999 Kevin became disillusioned  the career path he had chose and decided to join the Army,  but as luck would have it he attended an audition on a whim the day before he was to do his Army medical and got the job. After much grovelling for wasting the army offices time he went off to do a summer season at Blackpool pleasure beach as part of a boyband performing twice a day throughout the summer.

Towards the end of the season the band went to audition for the t.v show ‘Popstars’ , they were encouraged to do so by their employer and owner of the Pleasure beach Amanda Thompson not really knowing what lay ahead. After a couple of days in the audition process, Kevin was the only band member left in contention and went on to progress to the last 10 auditionee’s where he missed out on being part of the final five that were picked to form a band called ‘Hearsay’.

It was not known at the time but this show would go on to inspire many of the talent shows we see today , such as The Xfactor etc. Hearsay went on to have a huge number 1 single and instant fame,  whereas the five contestants that missed out went on to form their own band ‘Liberty X’ .

Made up of Kelli Young , Jessica Taylor , Tony Lundon , Michelle Heaton and Kevin, they went on to achieve great success with a number 1 single , Double platinum album and brit award to name a few highlights.

Liberty X enjoyed 6 years as a band before deciding to go their separate ways but would re-unite further down the line.


Before the band had split Kevin had ambitions to do his own music as a solo artist and was writing his own music. As a writer he had overseas success with a track in South Korea called ‘U’ , performed by the boyband ‘Super Junior’  which was a huge number 1.

As a solo artist he signed a deal with an independent label called Jamdown who released his album ‘Brand new’ in 2007 in Japan . Kevin was left very frustrated by the lack of promotion and the treatment he received from the label and split with them in 2008.


Over the next few years Kevin again would feel frustrated with the choice he made in his last days of school, to work as a singer.He would build up his gigs pretty much from the start again but this experience would be invaluble.

After getting married and starting a family he was asked as part of “Liberty X’ to participate in the ITV2 show ’The Big Re-union’ , the show was a huge hit and the bands involved went on to do 2 sold out  U.K arena tours and Liberty X went on to perform at shows across the country for the next couple of years.

After this , Kevin was a part time member of the band working with them when gigs came up but mainly working as a solo singer performing all around the U.K and Europe.


In 2015 Kevin decided to take the biggest risk of his career, to audition for the BBC show ‘The Voice’. Auditioning with the song ‘Chandelier’ by Sia , Kevin blew the coaches away and all 4 turned their chairs for him (only 2 people in the whole series achieved 4 turns that year) . He went on to reach the live finals and in the semi final performed Adele’s hit ‘Rolling in the deep’ to book his place in the final. In the final he sang Rhianna’s ‘Stay’  and duetted with coach Ricky Wilson (Kaiser Chiefs) on the song ‘Mr Brightside’ (Killers) . After making it to the final 2 Kevin and fellow finalist Jolan had to perform the winners song ‘All you good friends” and after a public vote Kevin was declared the winner of the show and ‘All you good friends’ was officially released peaking at number 2 on iTunes. He went on to write and release album ‘Recover’ in 2016.


Kevin is currently writing and performing across the U.K and Europe as a solo artist.

At the time of writing , his audition of ‘Chandelier’ has upwards of 8 million views on youtube.