Focusing on service above all, Benjamin Bonetti helps his clients by delivering results consistently and protecting their privacy at all times. Because he has worked with many elite clients in the past, he is sensitive to the special needs that often come with being royalty, a celebrity, or an executive.

His services are today in high demand among these select groups of people. He is widely regarded as a leader in the field of mental health coaching, and his thoughts on psychological influence carry particular weight.

As the author of several bestselling books about stress and human performance, Benjamin has shared his thoughts worldwide. He also writes for magazines and the international press on a regular basis, going more in depth on the topics that have earned him his current profile.


From movie stars to sports stars to celebrities, Benjamin is uniquely adept at identifying psychological issues based on body language and other nuanced signs. He enjoys working to fix tense environments, and he takes pride in his ability to serve people who are facing media pressure.